jongkey for cantesaurus


[PHOTO] Key Instagram update on 140410 -

Credit ; Bumkeyk

that eyesmile after he says that tho

look at this cute human driving a car

endless edits of kim jonghyun being a perfect prima donna. cr

I want to play a kpop song for a friend but they only like country music…. which song would be the best


you are the petite baguette younger-than-me sempai~ the sempai of all the petite baguettes

what an honor!!!!

tomoyagisa replied to your photo:selcaaaaaa
literally die omgG

no i am literally die omgG due to this comment

laemin replied to your photo:selcaaaaaa
wow gorgeous ugH <3

waaaaaahhhh so r u bb thank u ily

omg sempai noticed me pls excuse me while I fangirl~~~ >/////<

i am no senpai i am only a petite baguette

asdfghjkl you’re so pretty omg~ <3

thank u thank u THANK UUUUUU thank u so so much ily forever